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Tailored House

TCE invites you to explore the handmade suit craftsmen unlocked by the Tailored House: Mr.Bi Jinpei

Two years ago, he won the "Golden Scissors" award issued by the Italian Tailor Institute, letting the spirit of Chinese craftsmen shine in other countries!

Two years later, he will attend the TCE  held in Chengdu on December 26-27, personally "scalping" to bring the audiences on-site with water-like tailoring skills and Italian suit craftsmanship Make a demonstration and bring a variety of high-definition skills with students who teach the skills!

A fragment of the tailor's house at the July

With the theme of "Inheritance of Ingenuity-Italian Tailoring Skills", the tailor's hut this time has a different layout from July this year. It adopts a new design concept, combined with the local culture of Chengdu, and discussed the details with Teacher Bi Jinpei to present a fixed frame Hand-made custom screen in the corner of Rongcheng!


On December 26th, Mr. Bi will personally tailor and sew a single piece of wool, and personally sample a sample of a loved one at the exhibition site and give it to the final garment.

Identify the QR code to enter the lottery pool in advance



The event must be for practitioners in the clothing customization industry, and on December 26 you will come to the TCE exhibition site to redeem awards.

The gift suits are men's singles. If the winner is a lady, they can be gifted to accompanying men's friends.

Those who sign up in advance need to register with their real names, and the mobile phone number verified by TCE can enter the lottery pool.

Before 15:20 on December 26, 2020, all custom friends who visit TCE can vote for the prize pool at the event site.

Draw time: At 15:30 on December 26, Mr. Bi will draw the prize in person. The right of interpretation of the event belongs to the organizer of TCE.

Although there is only one suit, our gifts are more than that!

Co-branded exquisite gift:1000+

Those who visit the exhibition site will have the opportunity to receive various co-branded gifts from the Tailor House and Teacher Bi.



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